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Intellectual Property

We advise clients in relation to Media and Intellectual Property / Information Technology law matters that might affect their businesses or an intelligent business idea.

Intellectual property, Baroness Wilcox

Intellectual property, Baroness Wilcox—bisgovuk (Flickr.com)

It is not usually the intelligent business idea but the expression of that idea that recives protection under IP law. For example if the lyrics of a song are ‘I love you’ it is not the words that are protected, the way in which the words are arranged in the context of the song and expressed in the song is what is intellectual property. It is that arrangement or expression that is protected.


What can be Intellectual Property?

IP could be a brand, it could be something that is created or invented. IP can also be a design or film or even a database. The advantage that IP brings is that it can be owned. As one might expect it can also be sold and of course it can be sold.


Sadly intellectual property theft is increasing with technology. At the same time methods of controlling or minimising theft are equally benefitted by the advancement of scientific and other technology.


The important thing to remember is that we can help Sole-traders and businesses where there are threats of passing-off. Passing-off could be where one products looks or sounds like another product which has been in existence before in any given area. So if someone tried to sell Coca Cola, in a tin can that looks similar enough to the Coca Cola tin cans, that could be deemed by the courts as ‘passing-off’.

What does Intellectual Property include?

The sort of thing that we can help you with intellectual property includes:

• Creative Arts including paintings, music, film and of course dramatic writings (Shakespeare);

• Copyrights and disputes;

• Domain name disputes;

• Drafting terms and conditions for national and international trade;

• Joint venture and partnership / shareholder agreements;

• Infringement of registered trademarks;

• Mediation;

• Negotiations on non-contentious IT contracts.

• Passing-off.

• Trademarks and slogans;

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