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Litigation and Business Solicitors

Good litigation and business solicitors would say that business litigation is an area of law in which companies are involved in court action. The court action is known as litigation. The action can be against a company or against an individual. A commercial law firm’s business services may include an aspect of commercial litigation which could be defined as ‘a business initiating or defending legal proceedings in respect of its commercial activity’.

A Good Business Litigation Solicitor’s Role

Avoid Litigation

Better to use Good Business Litigation Solicitors — Karen Apricot New Orleans (Flickr.com)

The role of a good business litigation solicitor is to represent either the individual or as is more frequently the case the business involved in the dispute. The role of the court in a dispute it is to case manage the process and prevent claims from becoming long and protracted. In the event that litigation does not settle through alternative dispute resolution, the role of the court is obviously to determine the award of damages, interest and often, costs.

Business and Contract Law Disputes: Litigation

The law of contract is usually the point of commercial litigation where the interpretation and application of legal terms are tested within the context of litigation.

Whilst not entirely rare, some business litigation means that there is more than one complainant against a company particularly where goods and services provided by the business are of a substandard and not merchantable quality.

Commercial Viability

We believe that business solicitors should be multi skilled. This is because frequently there is the need to use alternative dispute resolution to assist a client’s case. Whether in the context of a court trial or indeed to prevent litigation from becoming burdensome. There should ideally be a discussion with a client concerning a litigation and settlement strategy. Keeping in mind the viability of court action from a commercial perspective. The government’s current business litigation reform proposals seem to suggest an increasing shift towards adopting alternative methods to the court process and not least in part due to the commercial viability of litigation as a whole.

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