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Business Insolvency

Financial meltdown can occur as a result of business insolvency which inevitably has an impact on personal solvency. With the British economy suffering from the effects of the global financial crisis, 4A LAW insolvency lawyers are on hand to provide practical and pragmatic advice.

Business of Software

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4A Law business insolvency lawyers have experience of advising on Insolvency matters relating to companies and individuals. Insolvency and restructuring advice is tailored to work with you in line with our approach and as part of our basic services. Our total dedication means that you benefit from a relationship that provides commercially minded and creative support. Navigating you through the maze of complexity commonly known as the ‘law’.

Business v Personal Insolvency

4A LAW are experienced in successfully negotiating with the on business insolvency matters with the Insolvency Service (a central government department). This can also include advising liquidators, business and individual clients on a particular course of action. This is particularly important when there are matrimonial and or business assets that may fall part of the bankruptcy estate.

Business Bankruptcy Crisis

As rare as it is in some cases Insolvency does not Cause Company Bankruptcy. This is why for business insolvency, our service is specifically designed around the needs of the business client aimed at helping you reach your financial, business recovery objectives. 4A LAW lawyers work with, rather than for, you. This means that our lawyers will swiftly grasp aspects of your business to tailor legal solutions at the earliest stage.

Advice, assistance and representation in the following insolvency related areas:

  • Administration Orders helping to avoid litigation;
  • Charging Orders;
  • Bankruptcy Annulment;
  • Debt Collection;
  • Company Insolvency Restructuring;
  • Company Restoration.

Recent cases include:

  • Setting aside Default Judgment;
  • Dismissal of bankruptcy petitions;
  • Acting in contested commercial insolvency;
  • Restoring a company that underwent insolvency;
  • Bankruptcy litigation involving annulment (high net worth individual);
  • Acting for a liquidator in company insolvency litigation matters involving transactions at undervalue;
  • Challenging liquidator’s decision on proving company insolvency.

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