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Immigration Appeals for UK Visa Refusals

People do not want to go for migration appeals for UK visa refusals. This is what many people feel that they must do. There are lots of reasons why an application of any sort can be refused by the UKBA. Some of the reasons are genuine and at other times they are simply outrageous.

Immigration Appeals UK Visa Refusals: Is it important to get advice?

Even when it seems that there is no point in pursuing migration appeals for UK visa refusals, it is important to get the right legal advice.  Not least beast because the next time an application needs to be made people need to be aware of The Art of Getting a UK Visa Application Right.

Should I appeal a refusal? Weighing the Options

Beware of those who just say go ahead on an immigration appeal without looking at the overall picture. A good lawyer should carry out a thorough assessment of the entire circumstances and work out what is best for a client.

Let’s face it. Would you go to a doctor and expect to get medication that made you even more sick? Absolutely not. A person visits a doctor in the hope of being able to get better not worse. That does not mean that the medicine will always be sweet and the doctor will be able to work a miracle. What that means is that the advice that might have been right for a friend or a family member may not be the right or best advice in your circumstances.

Similarly, because immigration appeals for UK visa refusals are very important, 4A LAW lawyers get to the facts first. This is before telling clients the likelihood of success. Success depends at least on how well the instructions are followed by the client to prepare and provide documents for their case.

4A Law lawyers do not pass judgment on any case. Instead our lawyers have since the year 2000 been helping to educate clients in better understanding the role of immigration in modern society. Helping clients to understand  the chances of success and likely outcome based on the experience of representing clients in courts.

As a unique and innovative leading law firm 4A LAW provide advice on the 4A’s of law: Advice, Applications, Advocacy and Appeals. Contact 4A LAW or Email 4A LAW for personalised legal advice.

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