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Advising company directors on property litigation in respect company property can always involve an element of property law and contract law.


This case proved to be one which required the co-operation of other fellow directors to successfully negotiate an alternative solution to continuing along the path of litigation.


Litigation through the courts may not always be the most appropriate forum as often disputes can be resolved. The ethos of 4A LAW LAWYERS is as much alternative dispute resolution as it is litigation but only in the best interests of the client. Irrespective of whether the client is a high net worth wealthy individual or a small or large company.


4A LAW Lawyers successfully negotiated and advised on settlement with the client being happy to contribute a five figure sum the settlement amount and maintaining business efficacy.


The head of 4A LAW LAWYERS Commercial Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution department trained as a commercial litigation and dispute resolution barrister and is now as a business Solicitor-Advocate (All Higher Courts) also assisting other law firms too in Brighton, London, Crawley and the Sussex area. This has meant that professional and lay clients have benefitted from this expertise which is seen as invaluable

Resolving disputes is not always about fighting tooth and nail but working through the circumstances to find a solution. For more information contact 4A LAW LAWYERS for help in your prarticular circumstances and benefit from the right advice, the first time, every time.

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