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This was an action brought by a liquidator of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to investigate transactions at undervalue. Generally these type of cases consist of land and/or property which has been the subject of the transaction. The case took a surprising turn throughout the investigation. The documents painted a partial picture pointing towards the former administrators of the LLP either being negligent and/or reckless in carrying out their duty to the creditors of the LLP.

Any litigation action against a business or the directors of a limited company or partners of a LLP needs to be brought with very careful consideration of the merits of pursuing such a course of action. Any action against administrators and former administrators needs to taken with very careful consideration especially as these decisions are not to be taken lightly given the complexities likely to be inherent and the costs impolications of any mistakes or errors. Even then, these decisions ought to be taken with the advice of a solicitor or suitably qualified person.

4A Law Specialist Immigration Business and Property Lawyers have the right requisite expertise and a pragmatic approach aimed at acting in the client’s best interest. Our lawyers are unique in that they are  more interested in building a long term relationship with businesses and individuals rather than a quick short term buck.

4A Law lawyers are not afraid of telling clients whether it a business, property or immigration client that it is not worth pursuing a course of action or indeed defending an action when it is commercially more cost effective to not to. Foir the areas of law in which we do not practice we refer to those whom we know and trust to follow our ideals of client care and service.

If you need any help or know of anyone that may need help contact us to see how we can help.

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